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Ars Benevola Mater
is an Italian independent record label established in 1999, born in order to release and promote music, created by artists of different cultural origin with special sight on Central Europe territory (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, etc.).
Its spiritual father, founder and owner is Mauro Casagrande.
Ars Benevola Mater's production content all sorts of avantgarde projects from ambient, dark ambient, noise or ambient industrial music up to various movements and forms of contemporary classical music, but it is not belonging to the usual idiomatic clichés.

Disclaimer :

ABM is absolutely NOT linked to ANY political/religious ideal. ABM is an indipendent label, totally APOLITICAL and religiously NEUTRAL.
Our only interests are MUSIC and ART and their spreading through the usual and legal ways of marketing, in the guardianship of royalties and copyrights.
For these reasons ALL of our productions are regularly registered to SIAE (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori), as well as all the other items we distribute through our mailorder.
ABM believes in the freedom of expression, whenever it doesn’t threaten or offend other individuals. Anyway, the artists are responsible for the themes they deal with in their albums.

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